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Frank Holmes Believes Gold Will “Remain Healthy”

Frank Holmes joins Kitco host Daniela Cambone for another edition of Gold Game Film live from Toronto. With gold struggling at the start of October, Daniela wants to know if historic seasonal demand trends from India and Asia will boost the yellow metal. Frank notes the importance of Diwali in India and the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration as contributors to the Love Trade, explaining that looking over 30 years of data, 80 percent of the time gold surges in September and corrects in October. He sees gold going through its normal correction mode right now, and says it will find support again.

Even if gold stays at the level it’s at now, Frank explains that it’s still up an impressive 20 percent for the year. “I think we’re going to see gold remain healthy,” Frank said. Tune in to the replay below for the full interview!

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