How do I change the address of record on my account?

You can change your address online, by telephone or by regular mail. For security reasons, we are unable to accept address change requests via email.

Online: Access your account, select the “Account Detail” link, and click on “Address”, make address change updates and follow the steps to verify the changes.

By phone: You can update your address by calling and speaking to an Investor Representative at 1-800-US-FUNDS (1-800-873-8637) during our normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET).

By mail: Send a written letter of instruction or a completed Change of Address Form. Please include your account number(s) and new address, along with the name(s) and original signature(s) of all account owners. Please mail your change of address request to:

U.S. Global Investors Funds
PO Box 588
Portland, ME 04122

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as of 05/29/2020

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