Where can I get information on fees?

The fees below apply to accounts held directly with U.S. Global. Other minimums and/or additional fees may apply to U.S. Global funds you hold through your brokerage firm, which U.S. Global cannot control. U.S. Global is a no-load mutual fund family, meaning we do not assess any sales commissions to purchase or sell shares.

This guide was developed to assist our customers with important information from the fund prospectus(es). This guide should not be used in lieu of the fund prospectus(es). This information is for reference only and the current fund prospectus(es) is(are) the final arbiter of the terms and conditions related to your fund account. There may be additional fees for certain other activities, which are detailed in the fund prospectus(es). The information below is based on the most recent prospectus(es).

Administrative Fees2 (all fees listed are per Fund account unless otherwise indicated)
1 – The minimum subsequent investment amount is $100 per fund/account, regardless of the initial investment amount.
2 – An annual $20 custodial fee per account ($30 max per social security number) applies to all IRA, Roth IRA, Coverdell ESA, SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA accounts that have U.S. Bank, National Association as the Custodian of their U.S. Global Investors account through our transfer agent U.S. Bancorp. These annual custodial fees will be waived for accounts where the maximum annual contribution is made for that calendar year.
3 – Excludes accounts with an active, monthly, ABC Investment Plan® or any account whose registered owner has an aggregate value of $25,000 or more invested in the funds (excluding money market funds).
Fund (Ticker Symbol) Domestic Wire Fee Small Account Fee3
All American Equity (GBTFX)
China Region (USCOX)
Emerging European (EUROX)
Global Resources (PSPFX)
Gold and Precious Metals (USERX)
Holmes Growth (MEGAX)
World Precious Minerals (UNWPX)
$15 Below $5000
$6 per Quarter
Near-Term Tax Free (NEARX) $15 Below $5000
$6 per Quarter
U.S. Government Ultra-Short Bond Fund (UGSDX) $15 Below $5000
$6 per Quarter

Net Asset Value
as of 06/04/2020

Global Resources Fund PSPFX $4.06 No Change Gold and Precious Metals Fund USERX $10.20 0.06 World Precious Minerals Fund UNWPX $3.51 0.08 China Region Fund USCOX $8.72 -0.03 Emerging Europe Fund EUROX $5.85 -0.12 All American Equity Fund GBTFX $22.27 -0.15 Holmes Macro Trends Fund MEGAX $15.45 -0.04 Near-Term Tax Free Fund NEARX $2.24 No Change U.S. Government Securities Ultra-Short Bond Fund UGSDX $2.00 No Change