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Frank Talk Turns Seven!

April 29, 2014

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since I published my very first Frank Talk post! This blog has come a long way since its early years, and I am very grateful to all of the loyal readers of Frank Talk.

In fact, today we have Frank Talk readers in more than 70 countries. Not only has the sphere of readership expanded, but the actual number of readers has grown, now reaching around 40,000 subscribers. The blog’s content has been syndicated on many other prestigious investing sites as well, expanding the readership even further. It’s humbling to see Frank Talk content on sites like Business Insider, Forbes, Kitco, Morningstar, and others.

When I started Frank Talk, my main goal was to educate investors. The media is flooded with complex topics that can overwhelm not only the everyday investor, but even the experts. I wanted to provide information on a variety of topics that would help those who were interested, make better investment decisions.

Over the years, U.S. Global Investors has been recognized for producing extraordinary investor communications through the Frank Talk blog and for our weekly Investor Alert newsletter. Both publications have won many STAR Awards from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA).

If you’ve been a Frank Talk reader since day one or if you are brand new to the blog, I want to share the top three blog posts from the last couple of years:

  1. Gold Takes It On the Chin...What's Next? – As the elevated debt crisis in Europe saw a strong reaction in 2012, I remind investors to ignore the negativity and keep in mind gold’s normal monthly historical volatility.
  2. This Chart Answers a Classic Question about Gold – In April of 2013 I showed investors that in contrast to oil and technology, gold has been level-headed over the past decade with no sign of a bubble.
  3. One of the Most Notable Stories of the Year: Energy Renaissance in the U.S.A. – Closing out 2013, I reflect on some of the biggest resources stories of the year, particularly the U.S. energy resurgence and its tremendous effect on oil and gas.

I invite you to share my upcoming Frank Talk posts with others who are curious to learn. There are a number of ways to access the blog including a subscription to the RSS feed or to the Frank Talk email. We also repost many of the blog posts on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Thank you to my loyal Frank Talk subscribers, and welcome to those of you who are new to the blog! If there is ever a topic of conversation you’d like to see discussed, please drop us a line at

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