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How many bridges do you cross in your daily commute? Are they safe?

January 16, 2009

(Troubled) Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Tracker 011609 

You may only cross a handful of bridges but there’s a good chance that one of those is in need of repair.

There are currently 600,000 bridges in the U.S. and the Federal Highway Administration reports that 72,000—12 percent—of these are “structurally deficient.”

Surprisingly, that’s actually an improvement. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, approximately 26 percent of U.S. bridges were rated structurally deficient or functionally obsolete between 2003 and 2007.

There is hope on the horizon. Details of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill” released this week show nearly $90 billion allocated to modernizing America’s roads, bridges, transit and waterways.

Want to test your morning commute? has an interactive feature that can give you the details of bridges in your area.

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