About the Holmes Macro Trends Fund

The Holmes Macro Trends Fund seeks to identify strong sectors, and within those sectors, to identify companies that have the greatest potential for growth. The portfolio management team uses a variety of investment strategies to search for companies suitable for investment in the fund, including factors such as growth in earnings, return on equity, and revenue.

Fund Objective

The Holmes Macro Trends Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation.

Fund Strategy

Under normal market conditions, the fund invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity-related securities of companies of all sizes. These securities primarily include common stocks, preferred stocks, convertible securities, rights and warrants, and depository receipts.

The fund’s benchmark is the S&P Composite 1500 Index.

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The S&P 1500 Composite is a broad-based capitalization-weighted index of 1500 U.S. companies and is comprised of the S&P 400, S&P 500, and the S&P 600. The index was developed with a base value of 100 as of December 30, 1994.

Net Asset Value
as of 04/06/2020

Global Resources Fund PSPFX $3.18 0.15 Gold and Precious Metals Fund USERX $7.55 0.45 World Precious Minerals Fund UNWPX $2.43 0.15 China Region Fund USCOX $7.88 0.20 Emerging Europe Fund EUROX $5.09 0.14 All American Equity Fund GBTFX $19.65 0.92 Holmes Macro Trends Fund MEGAX $12.78 0.53 Near-Term Tax Free Fund NEARX $2.21 0.01 U.S. Government Securities Ultra-Short Bond Fund UGSDX $2.00 No Change