ABC Investment Plan

Fund your financial goals affordably

With just a small initial investment and an affordable monthly contribution, you can begin investing in the U.S. Global Investors Funds using the ABC Investment Plan®. The ABC Investment Plan® is an automatic investment plan that uses the advantages of dollar-cost averaging—an investment technique that lets you invest a fixed amount in a specific investment at regular intervals—together with financial discipline to help you work towards your financial goals.

The Plan also eliminates the guesswork involved in market timing. Over time you will automatically purchase more shares when their price is low and fewer shares when their price is high. Of course, no investment plan can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. And you should evaluate your financial ability to continue in such a program in view of the possibility that you may need to redeem fund shares in periods of declining share prices as well as in periods of rising prices.

Investment minimums with the ABC Investment Plan® are just $1000 initially and $100 per month, for each fund.

You choose the day of the month you want your investment automatically transferred from your savings or checking account to your ABC Investment Plan®.

You can enroll in the ABC Investment Plan® on your new account application.


Net Asset Value
as of 09/16/2021

Global Resources Fund PSPFX $6.33 -0.14 Gold and Precious Metals Fund USERX $11.59 -0.46 World Precious Minerals Fund UNWPX $4.50 -0.13 China Region Fund USCOX $8.65 -0.17 Emerging Europe Fund EUROX $6.94 -0.05 Global Luxury Goods Fund USLUX $23.97 -0.07 Near-Term Tax Free Fund NEARX $2.24 -0.01 U.S. Government Securities Ultra-Short Bond Fund UGSDX $1.99 No Change