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Spotlight: Ukraine Election

January 15, 2010

Ukraine Map 011510Jack Dzierwa, global strategist and co-manager of the Eastern European Fund (EUROX), discusses Sunday’s presidential election in Ukraine.

The big question in Ukraine’s presidential election is whether or not it will help bring back economic growth.

Frontrunners Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Timoshenko have been joined in the race by prominent businessman Sergei Tigipko. This likely means a runoff vote in early February before we have a desperately needed change at the top.

The 2004 Orange Revolution that promised a new Ukraine never really delivered economically. Making matters worse, Ukraine was one of the European countries hardest hit by the global downturn.

Ukraine’s major stock market, the PFTS, has underperformed Russia’s MICEX by 83 percent over the past five years—37 percent last year alone. In addition, outgoing president Viktor Yushchenko antagonized Russia during his term and Moscow responded by cutting off natural gas deliveries.

Ukraine’s GDP fell 14 percent in 2009, its currency was the world’s worst against the dollar as of September and only Argentina’s sovereign credit rating is worse, according to Businessweek. Ukraine was hit so hard by the financial crisis that it needed a $16.4 billion bailout by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Perhaps the harshest indicator – one economist in a Ukrainian newspaper says Ukraine’s total GDP today is only 76 percent of what it was in 1991, just after the Soviet era ended.

As grim as the situation is, there is reason to believe conditions can improve.

Heavy industry, including aviation engine and turbo generator manufacturing, dominates the PFTS. As conditions in major export destinations in Western Europe and Russia improve, so should the Ukrainian market. In addition, some integrated telecom, steel, utility and fertilizer companies have experienced healthy rebounds.

Russia is Europe’s primary natural gas supplier via Ukraine pipelines, so the country can benefit from healthier relationships with both Moscow and the European Union.

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