Frank Holmes’ Journey into the Cryptocurrency Space

Author: Frank Holmes
Date Posted: March 15, 2018 Read time: 2 min

U.S. Global Investors' CEO and CIO, Frank Holmes, will be a keynote speaker at Mines and Money Asia in Hong Kong this April.

U.S. Global Investors’ CEO and CIO, Frank Holmes, will be a keynote speaker at Mines and Money Asia in Hong Kong this April. In advance of his presentation, Frank discussed his move into the crypto world as a gold investor with the conference organizers. Frank details how he was inspired by his son and godson, who were trading cryptocurrencies, to learn more about the growing space. He eventually jumped on board with Genesis Mining to help launch HIVE Blockchain Technologies, the first publicly listed blockchain infrastructure company that mines mostly Ethereum.

For more on Frank’s cryptocurrency journey and his forecasts for the bitcoin and gold price, read the full interview text here!

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Frank Holmes presenting at Mines and Money in Hong Kong

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Frank Holmes has been appointed non-executive chairman of the Board of Directors of HIVE Blockchain Technologies. Both Mr. Holmes and U.S. Global Investors own shares of HIVE, directly and indirectly.

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