Frank Holmes Tells CNBC Why Being Contrarian is Key

Author: Frank Holmes
Date Posted: October 15, 2013 Read time: 2 min

On news that Janet Yellen was selected as the new Federal Reserve chair, Martin Soong of CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia talks to Frank Holmes to get his view. As outlined in a recent commentary, Frank believes that the tapering of the Fed’s bond buying program will be dragged out and rates will stay low.

Martin also asks Frank what his investment theme is today. Frank says now is the time to be contrarian and take advantage of under-loved and underappreciated asset classes like energy and gold. “If you believe the PMIs are going to continue to rise—not at a rapid rate—but gradually rise, then you’re going to continue to see oil prices remain healthy and robust,” says Frank.

Watch the interview now to hear the entire discussion.


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