Is Gold Seeing a Breakout?

Author: Frank Holmes
Date Posted: January 29, 2015 Read time: 2 min

According to Frank Holmes, it is. Frank joins the cast of CNBC Europe during a recent visit to London to discuss how the devaluing of global currencies is sending the precious metal up. When asked how this can be with the dollar continuing to rally, Frank gives the example of gold in euro, yen and Canadian dollar terms. He agrees that in dollar terms we have not witnessed the same technical breakouts seen across many of the other currencies.

Frank goes on to talk about how negative interest rates also move the metal and what we might expect for gold demand heading into the Chinese New Year.


Watch the replay here.


On the latest episode of Gold Game Film with Kitco News, Frank comments on what he thinks the Federal Reserve’s upcoming meeting could do to the price of gold. You can tune in here to see what he had to say!


Wath the replay of Kitco's gold Game Film with Frank Holmes!

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