Is the Sentiment Up for Gold?

Author: Frank Holmes
Date Posted: January 22, 2015 Read time: 2 min

On this week’s episode of Gold Game Film with Kitco News, Frank Holmes catches up with host Daniela Cambone after attending the 20th Annual Vancouver Natural Resource Investment Conference. Daniela asks Frank to comment on the conference as a whole, and according to him, it seems the sentiment for gold is up!

Frank goes on to discuss the market movers in the gold space over the last week, commenting on the number-one news item, which was the move by the Swiss National Bank to remove its currency peg. He says the move caught many off guard, sending some money managers into panic mode, and reinforced gold’s appeal to many investors who see it as a safe-haven asset.

Tune in for more from Frank Holmes on the precious metal and to see what gold’s touchdown pass of the week is.

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