Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary: America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit is Back!

Author: Frank Holmes
Date Posted: January 25, 2013 Read time: 1 min

Shark Tank's Kevin O'LearyLast Sunday in Vancouver, I met Canadian entrepreneur, venture capitalist and television personality Kevin O’Leary. Kevin is likely familiar to those who watch the Friday night hit Shark Tank on ABC.

The reality TV show features aspiring millionaires and entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to a panel of “sharks,” which includes Kevin, billionaire Mark Cuban and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran and other notables. Those who enter the “shark tank” need to convince the self-made billionaire tycoons to hand over their hard-earned cash and invest in their ideas.

This show has become wildly popular in recent years, and it’s because “the entrepreneurial spirit is back in North America,” Kevin asserts in his article in the National Post.

He retells his experience of building his business two decades ago when the entrepreneurial spirit was “coveted” by many, lamenting today’s atmosphere where “politicians on both sides of the border vilify business leaders.”

His commentary offers hope, though, as the next generation is getting inspired to “save the soul of business.”

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