U.S. Global Investors Earned 11 Investor Education Awards from the MFEA

Author: Frank Holmes
Date Posted: November 7, 2013 Read time: 5 min

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U.S. Global Investors is proud to be the recipient of 11 STAR Awards by the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA). U.S. Global was presented several honors, including best overall communications to retail and advisor audiences within the small funds category, competing against firms with $5 billion or less in assets under management.

Retail Overall Communications

The MFEA is a national industry association committed to investor education and dedicated to helping investors understand mutual funds. In its 17th year, the MFEA STAR Awards program is the only competition in which mutual fund companies compete for honors in communications. The awards are judged by peers within the industry and only those who meet the highest standards of quality are given an award.

“We are honored to be recognized by our industry peers for our dedication to the education of investors,” says Susan Filyk, Director of Marketing for U.S. Global. “We believe informed investors make better investment decisions as they can put that knowledge to work in their own portfolios.”

U.S. Global is similarly dedicated to investor education by engaging shareholders through continuous learning, striving to live up to one of the firm’s core values, “Curiosity to Learn and Improve.”

For the seventh year in a row, the Shareholder Report, an educational newsletter printed and mailed quarterly to shareholders, was awarded for best printed shareholder magazine. In today’s digital world, the firm acknowledges that some investors prefer hard copy communications and the publication offers an opportunity to meet those needs. In addition to engaging photographs and in-depth content on global resources, gold and emerging markets, the magazine features a guest columnist. Most recent guests have been Chris Mayer, author of World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents and Sean Brodrick, resource strategist for the Oxford Club.

Shareholder Report 2012 Vol. 3

In the wild card category, U.S. Global was honored with an award for infographics, with the judges describing the content as, “an outstanding campaign clearly successful in achieving its objectives.” One popular infographic is The Dow Then and Now, which helps investors understand the massive changes which took place between 2007 and 2013.

US Global Investors Infographics

The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns, an interactive favorite which allows website visitors to click and learn about how natural resources have performed over the last 10 years, took this year’s award for best digital innovation. This particular award was also given in recognition of another interactive favorite, The Periodic Table of Emerging Markets.

Social media is an additional communication tool the firm uses to let followers know about new posts to the Frank Talk blog, the weekly Investor Alert, as well as media appearances. Infographics, quotes, compelling charts and travel photos are also posted to spark followers’ curiosity and encourage people to share. These efforts helped U.S. Global take home the award for best social media campaign.

“We were one of the first asset management companies to add a social media component to our marketing and we continue to build on that effort via several social media platforms,” says Filyk. “With all the ways people can learn about investing today, it only makes sense to reach them where they are already spending their time, which includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”

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In addition to the awards mentioned, U.S. Global was proud to receive an award for the weekly Investor Alert as well. The online publication is a free weekly analysis of global markets written by the firm’s portfolio managers and took home the award for best electronic newsletter.

The gold campaign and the global resources campaign, which both include various informational tools that help investors learn about and feel confident in the funds, also received awards. In addition, U.S. Global received a top spot for the advisor educational communication series which has a two-fold objective: First, to stay in front of advisors with insightful opinions about resources and the overall market and second, to provide advisors with educational tools they can share with their clients. These awards bring the firm’s total to 54.

Congratulations to the marketing and investment teams for doing an outstanding job in educating U.S. Global’s loyal followers and investors about global markets.

To learn more about the MFEA, go to the Investor’s Center at mfea.com.

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