Where to Find a Fixed-Income Component for Your 2014 Portfolio

Author: Frank Holmes
Date Posted: January 2, 2014 Read time: 1 min

Howard Green of Business News Network welcomes Director of Research John Derrick, CFA, to his 2014 Market Outlook panel to discuss the future of the markets and how to invest in the new year.

In part three of the BNN segment, John advises investors who are searching for a fixed-income component for their portfolios, to look at short- or near-term products as well as dividend-paying equities, saying that in his opinion, these are the safest plays. The other panel members, Ted Mackin of Guardian Capital and Stuart Freeman from Wells Fargo Advisors, also comment on the topic. To see the entire panel take their 2014 investment stance, watch part one and part two of the interview in full on BNN.

Watch John Derrick on BNN now.


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