Frank Holmes, one of the world’s authoritative voices on gold, is co-author of a new book;

The Goldwatcher:
Demystifying Gold Investing

Frank Holmes, one of the world’s authoritative voices on gold, is co-author of this fascinating book. Gold does not yield interest, dividends or rental income, and it costs money to hold. Yet, its price has surged to record levels in recent years. Why is that, and how can investors put gold to work in their portfolios?

The Goldwatcher, a book co-authored by U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes, discusses gold as a 21st century investment. The book offers a rare glimpse into the intricate workings of U.S. Global’s investment team and perspectives on key factors affecting gold investors, including:

  • the rise of China, both as gold consumer and producer
  • the correlations between gold, oil and the dollar
  • bullion as a value investment, and gold equities as a growth investment
  • return on capital as the best yardstick for measuring a gold-mining stock
  • gold as “portfolio insurance,” rather than a way to get rich

Co-author John Katz, a London-based analyst, provides an insightful discussion of gold’s role in an evolving global economy.

This remarkably clear and accessible book explains everything the independent investor needs to know to invest like a professional.

The Goldwatcher, which includes a foreword by prominent contrarian investor Marc Faber, is published by John Wiley & Sons.

The Goldwatcher
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