About the Gold and Precious Metals Fund

The Gold and Precious Metals Fund is the first no-load gold fund in the U.S. We have a history as pioneers in portfolio management in this specialized sector. Our team brings valuable background in geology and mining finance, important to understanding the technical side of the business. The fund focuses on producers, companies currently pulling gold or other precious minerals out of the ground. These companies, often called "seniors," generally have the largest market caps in the mining sector.

Fund Objective

The Gold and Precious Metals Fund seeks capital appreciation while protecting against inflation and monetary instability. The fund also pursues current income as a secondary objective.

Fund Strategy

Under normal market conditions, the Gold and Precious Metals Fund will invest at least 80 percent of its net assets in equity securities of companies predominately involved in the mining, fabrication, processing, marketing, or distribution of metals including gold, silver, platinum group, palladium and diamonds. Gold companies include mining companies that exploit gold deposits that are supported by by-products and co-products such as copper, silver, lead and zinc, and also have diversified mining companies which produce a meaningful amount of gold. The fund focuses on selecting companies with established producing mines.

The fund’s benchmark is the FTSE Gold Mines Index.

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The FTSE Gold Mines Index Series encompasses all gold mining companies that have a sustainable and attributable gold production of at least 300,000 ounces a year, and that derive 75% or more of their revenue from mined gold.

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Net Asset Value
as of 10/20/2021

Global Resources Fund PSPFX $7.01 0.04 Gold and Precious Metals Fund USERX $12.48 0.23 World Precious Minerals Fund UNWPX $4.81 0.11 China Region Fund USCOX $8.61 -0.04 Emerging Europe Fund EUROX $7.48 0.03 Global Luxury Goods Fund USLUX $24.69 0.08 Near-Term Tax Free Fund NEARX $2.23 No Change U.S. Government Securities Ultra-Short Bond Fund UGSDX $1.99 No Change