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Net Asset Value
as of 01/21/2020

Global Resources Fund PSPFX $4.57 -0.04 Gold and Precious Metals Fund USERX $9.81 0.11 World Precious Minerals Fund UNWPX $3.32 0.02 China Region Fund USCOX $9.13 -0.47 Emerging Europe Fund EUROX $8.00 -0.02 All American Equity Fund GBTFX $26.60 -0.01 Holmes Macro Trends Fund MEGAX $17.31 -0.16 Near-Term Tax Free Fund NEARX $2.23 No Change U.S. Government Securities Ultra-Short Bond Fund UGSDX $2.00 No Change


Near-Term Tax Free Fund

The Near-Term Tax Free Fund invests in municipal bonds with relatively short maturity. The fund seeks to provide tax-free monthly income by investing in debt securities issued by state and local governments from across the country.

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